Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gorgeous and Feminine Modern Blush Bedroom

As the weather around me stays dark and dreary (and freezing cold, almost 2 straight weeks of below zero) I was inspired to put together a fun and cheerful bedroom design that is anything but drab.

Modern Blush and Gray Bedroom Design

To start off as an anchor to the space was this clean crisp wood bedframe.  The chunky frame and square edges give a masculine touch to a very feminine bedroom.  

Sleek Rustic Wood Bedframe

This gray rug injects some pattern and a traditional element to the room.

Gray Traditional Rug

These mod print geometric sheets anchor all of the blush and gold throw pillows.

Gray White Geometric Print Sheets

 This rose bench with it's modern shape and sleek chair add ample seating space to lounge in this zen bedroom.

Blush Pink Modern Bench

Tulip Arm Beige Midcentury Modern Chair

A faceted Gold Side Table adds flair to the beige upholstered chair it sits beside. 

Gold Faceted Side Table

This clear bedside lamp gives an airy feeling next to the solid wood bedframe. 

Clear Brass Bedside Table Lamp

How would you like to lounge in this serene girly space?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Best Kitchen Trends for 2018

There's nothing better than walking into a gorgeous kitchen.  It really is the heart of the home and at almost every party you attend everyone always ends up in the kitchen.  If you're planning to make some updates to your kitchen in 2018 scroll down to check out my favorite kitchen trends to try in the New Year.

#1. Green Cabinets
Deep Emeralds to Hunter Greens have been showing up on kitchen cabinets in 2017 and I don't see them going away anytime soon.

Large Kitchen Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets

This Large Kitchen by Studio McGee for their Vineyard Parade Home keeps the rest of the space simple with white walls, backsplash and countertops to brighten the space. 

Emerald Bright Green Kitchen Cabinets Black White Patterned Tile White Subway Tile backsplash White Upper cabinets

Studio McGee does the Green Trend fabulously in this version as well. Using it on just the lower cabinets and pairing it with White upper cabinets to keep this smaller kitchen light and bright.  Pairing it with on trend black and white patterned tile keeps the vintage feeling.  

#2. Brass Hardware
At first I wasn't really on board with the brass hardware trend.  I thought it may look dated very quickly, perhaps because my own home is currently filled with old shiny brass looking door knobs that were in style in the nineties.  The more I have seen brass hardware used correctly and used it a bit myself  I've quickly grown very fond of the look.  I think it upgrades a space to look very elegant while keeping a modern feel.  It also looks good with so many different colors of cabinetry.  

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware cabinet pulls

The Warm Brass tones pair beautifully with so may color cabinets from deep blue tones to warm whites and almost everything in between.   

White Cabinets with Brass hardware knobs and cup pulls Farmhouse sink Wood to tile floor transition hexagon
by 29DesignStudio 

This kitchen designed by yours truly features brass cup pulls and knobs and continues the brass look into the light fixtures and counter stools.

Brass Campaign style cabinet pulls

Campaign style pulls like these ones from Rejuvenation add a refined style to any kitchen.

Sleek Modern Brass Cabinetry Hardware

This set of brass hardware from Schoolhouse electric shows the many different profiles you can find for any style kitchen.  And if you are like me and are wary of brass hardware looking dated try a brushed or antiqued brass rather than a glossy brass,  It is much more forgiving.  

#3. Thick Square Edge Countertops
A few years ago if you had asked me what I wanted in a kitchen I would have said ogee edge marble countertops.  Now the modern profile is a square edge, and the thicker the better.  

Thick square edge marble countertop Blue Island with brass hardware

This Navy Island featured in Atlanta Homes Magazine has a thicker profile countertop than the other areas of the kitchen, another trend I have seen quite a bit recently.  

Rustic Gray Wood Kitchen Cabinets with thick marble countertop stainless steel apron front farmhouse sink

This kitchen featured in Atlanta Homes Magazine features thick marble counter tops on modern gray wood cabinetry.  

#4. Wood and Metal Saddle Stools
 These Farmhouse style stools look great tucked under an island and add a natural element to a glossy kitchen.  

Glam Gray Kitchen cabinets with brass hardware and fixtures wood and metal saddle counter stools

These saddle stools add variety in color and texture to this gray kitchen by Elements of Style.

Wood Metal saddle bar stools with 4 legs

The Alden Stool by West Elm features a natural wood finish and a 4 leg metal base perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or a glam modern space.

Wood metal U leg saddle stools

This version of the Saddle back stool by AllModern also features a natural wood finish but with U shaped legs to glide easier on any floor type. 

#5. Vintage Style Ranges
The final kitchen trend to continue into 2018 is my absolute favorite, Vintage Style Ranges.  These classic looking appliances blend into a traditional or modern home and can be found in a huge selection of colors.  

Black and Gold Vintage Style Range in White Glossy Kitchen

This Black and Gold range becomes the highlight of the kitchen against simple white cabinetry, countertops and a white herringbone backsplash. 

White and Gold Vintage Style Range in Farmhouse Kitchen

This white version of the Vintage Style Range gives subtle detail to a monochromatic farmhouse kitchen by Boxwood Avenue

The Best Kitchen Trends of 2018

Are you loving these trends for 2018?  Which ones will you be trying in your renovation?

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Power of Paint: Transforming A Home with a Paint Makeover

This project from a few years ago was a renovation I helped select finishes for.  The homeowners were up for a lot of DIY-ing to transform this space into the beautiful After photos you see.  

Paint Only Renovation, Gray and Light Blue Painted RenovationLight Blues Grays Neutrals Whole House Paint SchemeNeutral Gray and Blue Whole House Furniture Plan

Before moving in we put down new ceramic tile wood look flooring throughout the main living space on the first floor. Then came the painting, lots and lots of painting.  Walls, trim, railings, ceilings, nothing was off limits.  Next we added some beautiful furnishings and decor and Voila the house was transformed.  

I am nicknaming this house the U-house because there is a very large fireplace in the center of the home that created a U-shaped Main Living Area between the Kitchen & Living spaces. 

 We removed a small section of wall at the entrance of the home.  There was a very small entryway that was unusable due to it's size.  So after removal of part of the wall you then walked directly into the kitchen.  We then added built in cabinets at the entry to act as a closet space.  There was also a large pantry cabinet at the side of the fireplace.  This monstrosity closed off the kitchen from the living space quite a bit. We took out the pantry completely to allow for more sight lines from the kitchen to the living space.  


Entryway Cabinetry Entry Lockers

In the Kitchen we also updated the backsplash to white subway tile, black corian countertops, and changed out the light fixtures throughout the first floor to create a cohesive look. 

Oak kitchen cabinets painted white

Living Room

Oak kitchen cabinets painted white

Once the Floors and Lighting throughout the first floor were updated the only thing left to do in the Living Space was paint the trim Benjamin Moore's White Dove and all of the paneled walls were painted a soft blueish-gray. We decided on two small side tables to act as a coffee table since the space acted as walk through and to keep from looking too cluttered. 

Gray Painted Paneling Gray Chaise Sofa Damask Curtains

Living Room Painted Paneling Makeover

Round Silver Side Tables 2 tables as coffee table

Beige Tufted Chair and a half

Close up of Beige Chair upholstery

Holiday Mantle Decor

For the Staircase leading to the Loft we painted the handrails and treads a gloss black, and kept the risers White Dove to match the trim throughout the home.  

Wood Vertical Paneling Stair Makeover Before

Painted Stairs Black and White

Black Gloss painted stair banister

Black painted stair tread White painted stair risers
Master Bedroom 

Master Bedroom Painted Wood Paneling Makeover

In the Master Bedroom the walls were painted a deeper gray since the space could handle the moodier color with it's high white ceilings and multiple windows.  Purple bedding accentuates the cozy feeling in this space.  The vine and crystal chandelier add a more feminine touch to a masculine paint color. 

Master Bedroom Gray Painted Vertical Wood Paneling Vaulted White Ceiling

Gray painted Wood Paneling

Guest Bedroom 

Guest Bedroom Wood Paneling Paint Makeover Before

The Guest Bedroom was finished out in monochromatic blue tones on the walls and bedding to create a light and bright welcoming atmosphere.

Bright Light Blue Painted Wood Paneling Guest Bedroom

And Now for some of the fun details! 

Light Blues Grays Neutrals Whole House Paint Scheme

Neutral Gray and Blue Whole House Furniture Plan

Living Room:
Tufted Chaise Sofa
Tufted Chair
Lantern Light Fixture
Side table
Galvanized Letters
Mercury Glass Votives
Snuggle Pillow
Neutral Pillow
Metallic Pillow

Subway tile
Cabinet hardware
Windsor chair

Master Bedroom:
Bed & Dresser
Bed skirt
Throw Pillow 1
Throw Pillow 2

Guest Bedroom:
Light Fixture
Bed Skirt
Flagstone Quilt
Lumbar Pillow 1
Blue Throw Pillow
Lumbar Pillow

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Must Try Tip for Sticking to your New Year's Resolution

In these few days between Christmas and New Year's Day many people start thinking about their New Year's Resolutions. Once you have your mind set on a resolution it can be hard to not jump in full force, but like most people, this leads to giving up by the 15th...if not earlier!

The Best Tip for Sticking to your New Year's Resolution

Start Small. If you can break your resolution into smaller steps over an extended period of time it will be easier to create lasting habits that you can stick with.  Below are some examples of how to slowly progress into some popular resolutions so you don't get burned out too quickly.  

#1. Eat Healthier:
It may be tempting to jump all in and try to eat only kale and carrots while working out an hour a day starting January 1st but it is very unlikely you will be able to stick with a big lifestyle change all at once.  If you break it down into smaller tasks to complete each month you can create small habits that are easy to keep. 
Small Start Tip: Start making over one meal a month.  Try for the month of January to just eat a healthier breakfast.  Start with 3-4 easy to make options that you like and can rotate easily.  Trying to make a different new recipe every single day for the first month will make you feel overwhelmed and lead to much more grocery waste or more expensive grocery bills.  
Some of my favorite easy quick breakfasts are Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats, Spinach Chicken Sausage and Egg Wrap, and Veggie Frittata muffins.  
After this becomes second nature try adding lunch to the mix.  Once the first 3 months are up and you are eating healthier in general you can try making over specialty meals like your go-to party appetizer or dessert, or try adding in 10 minutes of exercise a day and add a few minutes in the same manner until it is a daily routine you are used to.  

#2. Take Better Care of Yourself (especially for all you Mamas out there):
Every few months I say I am going to try take better care of my skin, but then I get tired, get the kids to bed too late and end up flopping myself into bed with the last bit of energy I have. 
Small Start Tip: To make this resolution more doable try adding this to your existing daily routines.  If you're not great at washing your face at night try doing it while you're already in the bathroom filling up the kids bathwater.  If you want to do a face mask more regularly try putting one on while you plan to clean the bathroom or vacuum.  

#3. Promote a Business:
With so many opinions out there on social media marketing and how to grow you business as quickly as possible it can feel overwhelming when you think about having to post on multiple social media outlets daily while running a full time business. 
Small Start Tip: My best tip here is to master one social media platform at a time. Instead of spreading yourself thin and posting mediocre content on all platforms focus on one first and deliver knockout content that will work for you to expand your business.  Once you feel like your posts are gaining traction on the one platform you started with and are able to circulate due to popularity you can move on to the next platform and give it a whirl.  Once you have spent some time with each platform individually it will be much easier for you to create posts quickly and get your posts in front of more people.  

#4 Spend more Quality time with your Family:
So many of us these days are all consumed with media, constantly checking phones, social media, email, all while having the TV on in the background and it can feel like even if you are with your family you aren't necessarily present. 
Small Start Tip: Start small by scheduling an hour a week where you unplug from media and devote that time entirely to your family.  Make it an appointment on your calendar that you treat like a doctor's appointment.  If you decide to cancel, you pay a cancellation fee to a family fun fund.  After a few weeks add in another night a week, and so on and so on, until this is part of your nightly routine with your loved ones that everyone expects and looks forward to.  

I hope these slow start tips to some popular New Year's Resolutions help you break down a big lifestyle change into doable simple tasks you can stick with for life.  What Resolution are you making this year?
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