Monday, December 11, 2017

Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Sometimes getting your house decorated for Christmas can feel like such a huge undertaking.  If you're not yet in the Christmas Spirit or just don't have tons of time I've compiled a list of super quick and easy ways to add some Christmas Cheer to your home. 

#1: Let your friends decorate for you
By this I mean use those beautiful Christmas Cards your friends and family took the time to create and display them in a prominent place in your home.  They can instantly add Christmas Spirit to any  spot in your home.

Some of my favorite ways to display them are:

This DIY Chicken Wire Frame from LollyJaneBlog

A super simple display using string and clothespins like this one from Design Improvised

My own window display pictured below

Christmas Card Window Display

#2: Change out your picture frames with some free Christmas Printables
You probably already have picture frames scattered throughout the rooms of your home so why not change the pictures out using some beautiful free printables you can find on Pinterest.

#3: Use Simple Garlands
If you aren't in the mood to wrestle evergreen garland, try something much simpler, like pinecones strung on twine, or a simple fabric garland

#4: Change out your Linens
Going through and changing out your bed sheets, kitchen towels, dining table runner, and doormat is a quick way to add a Christmas touch to every room of your home.

Check out our Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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