Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Ultimate Gift Guide for any style Mom

Do you Mama’s out there know what you’re asking for for Christmas this year? Here are some suggestions you may not have thought of but I’m sure you will love. And for the men out there check out this list for any of the special women in your life and I’m sure you’ll be the star gift giver this holiday season.

Mom Gift Guide

1. This cute bar necklace is a great gift for the sentimental mom. I love the idea of having the date of your anniversary or children’s birthdays in Roman numeral form. It looks so classic and chic on this super simple bar necklace. Santa, I’ll take one in each color please.

Sentimental Mom Gift

It also looks great layered with other necklaces. 

Memorable Mom Gifts

2. My number 1 favorite item that I use all day everyday is the Ninja Coffee Bar. My Hubby got it for me last year for Christmas and I still love it to pieces and suggest it for any coffee lover out there. Especially you Stay at Home or Work at Home Moms. This is great because on those days you aren’t planning to leave the house it can make your morning a little extra special. Or perhaps you used to get a special latte or cappuccino on your commute to the office each day but now miss that specialty coffee, this machine allows you to make that latte yourself and brew a plain old pot of joe also. You don’t have to have 2 units out on your counter. I love the lattes it makes and it’s definitely great for any pregnant or nursing mamas that love their coffee too. I find decaf tastes much better in latte form than regular coffee so if I’m craving that 2nd or 3rd cup in the afternoon I can whip up a decaf latte. It’s so versatile, it can make single cups or a pot of any style coffee drink you decide. If you decide to get this for someone in your life I know they will love it, and they will most likely use it everyday and think of you! As you can probably tell from the length of this paragraph, I really do love mine.

Coffee Lover Gift

3. This next gift may be somewhat controversial, but the iRobot Roomba is a great idea to help make your life easier. I do not suggest or condone you guys buy the special women in your life any other cleaning products or machinery or a stand up vacuum, that will probably not go over well. The Roomba however takes that chore and checks it off of your to do list for you and leaves you with clean floors and maybe some extra time to spend doing something you love.

Ultimate Mom Gift

Wife Gift

4. This Mom planner is my favorite because they seem to have thought of everything. It includes so many pages you won’t see in a conventional planner.

Best Mom Planner

I love that it has special holiday planning sections with meals, decorations, traditions, etc. And how great is that beautiful floral cover. What Mom wouldn’t want to start the new year off a little more organized.

Perfect Wife Planner

Beautiful Day Planner

5. This next gift I love because it is a continuous gift that brings cheer all year long. I love the look of having fresh flowers in my house, but usually end up grabbing some quick at the grocery store as I checkout or go without. These Bulb Gardens from Plow and Hearth are beautifully arranged and a new one arrives each month so you always have fresh flowers without having to lift a finger. 
Great Mom Gift for Gardeners

You can choose from 3, 6, or 12 month packages and then the anticipation of an awesome gift can last all year. long

Gifts for Gardeners

Will you be adding any of these to your wishlist this year, or do you see something that's perfect for a special someone?

Christmas Gifts for Wife

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